AFM's Software Page

This page is a collection of software packages by Andreas F. Müller. Some packages traditionally have their own sites, the links below connect to them.

failover With failover one can realize simple cluster active/passive clusters and thus obtain high availability for inexpensive systems.
mod_authz_ldap an apache authentication and authorization module useful to verify certificates in an LDAP directory
meteo control a Davis weather station from a Un*x system, and make the data collected available on a web site.
mod_clamav a module for apache2 which allows to scan web traffic for viruses using the Clam antivirus package.
mod_dnsbl a module for Apache which allows to check proxy requests against a classification database in DNS.
mod_webfilter a module for apache2 which allows to classify web traffic based on host and type into blacklisted and whitelisted objects. Blacklisted objects are unconditionally rejected, whitelisted types are all allowed. All other HTML documents are filtered for suspicious tags.
fallschirm A small program useful to compute the layout of a panel for a spherical or ellipsoid parachute. The program can produce a postscript file that automatically prints the pattern on as many pages as needed which can the be glued together to form the complete pattern. The program also gives estimates for the sink rate of a load suspend under the parachute.

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